Hurricane Florence Response Update #2 — Sept. 12, 2018

  • Colonial Pipeline operations continue normally today (Wednesday) as teams continue steps to protect the public safety and the environment from threats posed by Hurricane Florence.
  • Due to the storm’s apparent shift in direction, the preparations include Georgia operations in addition to Colonial facilities in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.
  • Steps include maintaining adequate levels of fuel in Colonial’s storage tanks to protect against flooding from expected rainfall. Colonial is assisting customers in similar protection for their tanks.
  •  Colonial is in close communications with federal and state agencies assisting in hurricane response, as well as with customers operating terminals along the Colonial system.
  • Colonial’s goals are protecting the safety of the public and its employees, including those responding to storm conditions, and protection of the environment. Also, Colonial is protecting its assets so that, in the event normal service is interrupted, it can be safely and quickly restored. Finally, Colonial is maintaining open and timely communications so that our partners, the news media and the public can follow Colonial’s preparations for Florence.